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Medvedev is reforming RAS Livanov

Of the six academies will remain three, and property management will set up a special federal agency. This is the essence of the bill prepared by the Ministry of Education and presented at a meeting of the government. According to Dmitry Medvedev, the level of RAS does not match the current situation, and scientists should not be engaged in property management and municipal issues.

The contents of the upcoming reform of the media told anonymous government sources. Presented at the meeting of the government bill assumes that there will be only one State Academy of Science – Sciences. Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Medical Sciences will become a part of it, and the Academy of Arts, Education, and architecture, as well as building sciences will go to the jurisdiction of the federal government. Real estate management and decision of the municipal problems will the federal agency that is planned for the near future. According to the Head of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov, until the new structure has a code name – Agency scientific institutes of RAS.

Livanov’s crusade against the Russian Academy of Sciences in its current form began with the controversial statements on the air “Echo of Moscow”, delivered in March of this year.

“This form of organization of science in the XXI century is hopeless. It (Academy of Sciences) will not live, it is not viable. But we live it … because rebuild the system that is very inefficient, unfriendly to the people out there who work and, in general, out-of-date, archaic, requires a very serious resources, “- said the Minister.

A few days before this Livanov at the board meeting of the Ministry of Education stated the need to create an alternative Russian Academy of Sciences Academy of Sciences, consisting of “scholars capable age.”צילום אירועים

More expensive

These statements are extremely angered the leadership of RAS: scientists categorically demanded an apology from the Livanov. Despite the apology and the subsequent intervention in the conflict Medvedva as saying that the minister – “not a ruble to please everyone”, the conflict has not been settled. Two prominent academics – Vladimir Alferov and Forts – in protest defiantly left the Public Council under the Ministry of Education.

At this meeting, the government of Prime Medvedev returned to the patient matter, in fact taking a position Livanov. According to him, the current structure of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as five other major scientific academies of the country has developed in the 30′s and 40′s of the last century and has long been in need of restructuring. “This system has long been in need of an update, and the topic being discussed,” – said Medvedev, referring to the discussion is finished bill on the agenda at today’s cabinet meeting.

Medvedev also announced that it considers necessary to rid the Russian scientists from the heavy burden of housing and management of real estate.

“It is important to enable scientists to do, first of all, science and research, and to relieve them of unusual features of property management and community services” – quoted by RIA Novosti Prime Minister.

Thus, the prime minister has made it clear that the RAS will still be reformed – wants the academic community or not.

It is worth noting that, according to media reports, the Ministry of Education Dmitry Livanov – one of the first “candidates for departure” in Medvedev’s government. However, reproaches to the previous Minister of Education – Andrei Fursenko – was no less for one simple reason. According to experts, over the past 10-15 years, the system of secondary and higher education, has developed in the Soviet era was virtually destroyed. The new education system loses much the same in quality, but it costs the Russians every year more and more expensive.